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Aerospace AS9100 :2016 Revision D

Aviation, Aerospace, and Defense

QM system certification in aviation, aerospace, and defense has changed and is now AS9100D:2016 Revision D.

The AS9100 series of standards is internationally recognized for quality management in the aerospace and defense industry. The revised version published in 2016 is now available as AS9100D:2016. The changes affect the entire series of standards, e.g. there is also AS9110 for maintenance organizations and organizations and AS9120 for dealers and distributors.

New: The High-Level Structure

With the so-called High-Level Structure (HLS), the Technical Steering Committee of ISO (Technical Management Board / TCM) has set a basic structure.

The High-Level Structure contains a uniform core text as well as common terms and definitions. Organizations that implement a single system that addresses multiple standards will find the greatest benefit.

AS9100: 2016 is divided into the same ten sections as ISO 9001: 2015 and is to be “SUPPLEMENTAL” to the required ISO 9001:2015 requirements. This can have a positive effect on improving consistency and aligning different management system standards and facilitating system certification for integrated management systems.

New Terms and requirements for management systems

New Aerospace terms that are gaining in importance as part of product and service quality are now product safety, counterfeit parts management, process control risk management, awareness of each Employee for his individual contribution to quality, the influence of human capabilities, as well as the configuration management. Another focus is product realization and planning, post-delivery support, design development and supplier management.

Contrary to ISO 9001: 2015, a management representative will continue to be required.

Thus, the standard is based on the specifications of the American FAA, the European EASA and other aviation authorities to emphasis on industry stakeholder needs.

JJK CONSULTING LLC. as one the leading consulting firms with a positive record of AS9100D:2016 Certification projects for aerospace, defense and aviation clients in the USA. We offer consulting expertise for implementation of AS9100D, as well as Internal Auditor Training and full system implementations as Integrated management system together with other ISO standards from start within budget and on time.

Since 2014, the New Jersey-based consulting firm provides the advantage of independent AS9100D consulting services for clients nationwide.

The following step by step process ensures AS9100D:2016 implementation success.

Phase One: Assessment

The best first step is a comprehensive full system gap assessment on either your existing management system or your existing non-standard QMS. Our consultants will thoroughly review your current processes related to the AS9100D:2016 certification requirements.

After we complete the assessment, you will receive a detailed GAP analysis. Our GAP report pinpoints where your systems meet the AS9100D:2016 standard and where they fall short. Because of this assessment, in addition you will receive road map of tasks, times and costs you need to invest to achieve certification. This Planning tool is not available from registrars should they conduct the Gap Analysis as it is considered consulting.

Phase Two: Process Consulting

While the GAP analysis provides the working plan for meeting your target standard, the terms can seem alien to individuals unfamiliar with the new AS9100D:2016 standard structure. To help your staff understand and prepare for the certification process, we can work with you to familiarize your staff with the process.

Once your team is familiar with the certification roadmap, our consultants will work with you throughout the process. We will guide you in correcting any notable deficiencies. To help you reduce costs, we work carefully to utilize as many of your existing procedures as possible.

Our consultants will serve as your implementation guide. We will help you implement and properly document your quality, safety or security system to comply fully with your target standard.

Phase Three: Audit & Certification

After your company implements the AS9100D:2016 management system and fully documents your procedures, we can conduct a final pre-assessment or internal “Mock” audit. Our consultants have all audited for an accredited Certification Bodies. We understand what the AS9100D:2016 Certification auditor wants to see and are often more familiar with the standard then the auditors.

After our team conducts an internal audit and helps you address any remaining deficiencies, your organization or company is fully prepared for the Certification Audit.

If you as client need ongoing support, our team can remain involved throughout the entire certification process.

Current AS9100D:2016 certificate holders can get Surveillance audit consulting help & assistance to ease the ongoing management of the QMS based on AS9100D:2016.

Call 973-402-5889 today and let us walk you through the process.