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ISO 45001:2018 Audits

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What is ISO 45001:2018?

ISO45001:2018 is an international standard on Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in March 2018.

ISO45001:2018 spells out the requirements of an Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems that need to be complied with. ISO45001:2018 replaces the older standard, OHSAS 18001:2007.

What are the benefits of ISO45001 implementation?

• Systems approach to OH & S management.
• Clarity in definition of OH & S related authorities and responsibilities.
• Reduction in accident rates, better emergency preparedness.
• Better documentation & traceability to root causes of OH & S problems.
• Reduction in the need for multiple assessments (by customers).
• Use of recognized mark (of certifying agency) on letterheads etc.
• Enhanced corporate image and market positioning.


If you are safety cautious and understand the importance of industrial safety, it is always the right time to think about ways of implementing safety management. Let our ISO consultants introduce you to the steps / issues:

a. Organization for Safety

The company management should decide wisely about supervisors’ and managers’ responsibility and authority for safety. In some cases, a safety committee consisting of executives, supervisors, and shop-floor workers may be setup to tackle the safety issues.

b. Safety programs

Safety programs should aim at discovering the root causes of accidents and reducing accidents (and associated losses) by preventive measures.

c. Safety Instructions and Training

We believe, that it is very essential to train our clients to educate employees to think, act, and work safely. In addition, safety training provided by JJK Consulting imparts knowledge transfer about safe (and unsafe) mechanical conditions, personal practices, and remedial measures.

d. Developing Safety Consciousness

In general, no worker would accept the use of a safety measure (e.g., wearing a helmet or face mask) unless he / she is convinced of its necessity. Professional safety training will make them conscious of the need for safety.

Differences OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 45001:2018

The entire new Clause 5.4: Consultation and participation of workers requires organization now to include NON-managerial workers or operators into regular decision making…

JJK Consultant for Safety management can make sure that your organization establishes, implements and maintains ISO45001:2018 compliant process(es) for consultation and participation of workers at all applicable levels and functions.

Our nationwide experts for Safety management ensure your organization will:

A) provide mechanisms (such as worker representation, time, training and resources necessary for consultation and participation;
B) provide timely access to clear, understandable and relevant information about the OH&S management system;
C) determine and remove obstacles or barriers to participation and minimize those that cannot be removed;

Obstacles and barriers can include failure to respond to worker inputs or suggestions, language or literacy barriers, reprisals or threats of reprisals and policies or practices that discourage or penalize worker participation.

Gap Analysis

Initial Gap Analysis on your existing Safety management practices, will bring clarity to existing gaps for all ISO 45001:2018 requirements. To emphasize the compliant consultation of non-managerial workers, our safety management experts will help your organization to implement ISO 45001 requirements through a step by step implementation process to…

1) determine the mechanisms for your workers’ consultation and participation;
2) identify hazards and assess risks and opportunities;
3) determine actions to eliminate hazards and reduce OH&S risks;
4) determine competence requirements, training needs, training and evaluating training;
5) determine what needs to be communicated and how this will be done;
6) determine control measures and their effective implementation and use;
7) investigate incidents and nonconformities and determining corrective actions;

Emphasizing the consultation and participation of non-managerial workers is intended to apply to persons carrying out the work activities, but is not intended to exclude, for example, managers who are impacted by work activities or other factors in the organization.

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We are proud to offer you nationwide the best experts in safety management consulting, to enable you to achieve successful ISO certification. The range of services offered by our Safety Management System consultants includes ISO consulting, implementation coaching, independent ISO auditing and internal and external training on the ISO 45001:2018 standard.

Within our headquarter in Fairfield, New Jersey, we have experts nationwide on hand also on short notice, and for all standards that are part of an integrated management system, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and many other ISO standards.