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Your Consulting Services for ISO Certification Preparedness

ISO Certification Preparedness

When you engage JJK Consulting, you gain a collaborative partner to guide you through the complex requirements of meeting industry standards for quality, safety or security. We work through three basic phases to prepare clients for certification.

Clients can utilize our team for a single phase or for all three phases.

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Phase One: Assessment

We understand that your first concerns involve time and money. You want to know how long it will takes to get certification-ready and how much the preparation will cost.

Since each situation is unique, the best first step is a comprehensive assessment. Our consultants will thoroughly review your current processes related your target certification standard.

After we complete the assessment, you will receive a detailed GAP analysis. Our GAP report pinpoints where your systems meet standards and where they fall short. As a result of this assessment, you have a road map of tasks, times and costs you need to invest to achieve certification.

Phase Two: Process Consulting

While the GAP analysis provides the working plan for meeting your target standard, the terms can seem alien to individuals unfamiliar with the standards industry. To help your staff understand and prepare for the certification process, we can work with you to familiarize your staff with the process.

Once your team is familiar with the certification roadmap, our consultants will work with you throughout the process. We will guide you in correcting any notable deficiencies. To help you reduce costs, we work carefully to utilize as many of your existing procedures as possible.

Our consultants will serve as your implementation guide. We will help you implement and properly document your quality, safety or security system to comply fully with your target standard.

Phase Three: Audit & Certification​

After your company implements the management system and fully documents your procedures, we can conduct a pre-assessment or internal audit. Our consultants have all audited for an accredited Certification Body. We understand what the Certification auditor or inspector wants to see.

After our team conducts an internal audit and helps you address any remaining deficiencies, your organization is fully prepared for its Certification Audit.

If a client needs ongoing support, our team can remain involved throughout the certification process.

ISO Certification PreparednessReady to Explore New Possibilities?

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