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How to build Integrated Management Systems (IMS)

Quality Manager regularly complain about a lack of integration in their management systems. An integrated approach to QMS drives reduced cost of personnel, auditing and redundancy. Additional benefits include harmonized systems and improved efficiencies through a single set of documentation encompassing sever management Standards.

By creating an Integrated Management System (IMS) described with a SINGLE Integrated Management Manual our team will better understand the relationship between the systems and minimize disruption during internal and external audits.

One Set of Management System Documents- Integrated Focus

“We are helping our clients build best practice integrated management systems all the time, this enables our clients to avoid multiple documentation sets” Says Jim Kachidurian President of JJK Consulting. He adds: JJK Consultants are all experienced experts and represent the very best in the field. These experts create effective and efficient Integrated Management systems and can help every organization establish readiness for implementation, certification, maintenance and improvement of ad integrated Quality, Safety and Environment Management System”.

This lean approach can lead to long-term increase ion shareholder satisfaction, ensure workplace hazard prevention and environmental protection while meeting customer, legal and regulatory requirements.


How to set up Integrated Management Systems

Internally you can develop one scope and policy for each standard to be integrated ( I.E ISO 9001/14001/45001 integrate logically). This approach allows for streamlined internal competency development.

You can share and use one procedure for internal auditing of all integrated management systems, while maintaining only ONE annual internal audit schedule saving time and money dedicated to auditing tasks.

During an IMS implementation, all procedures created get well documented by our assigned ISO consultant within a single Quality Manual, describing all standard procedures for the client. This ensures ease of management over time.


Do you want to utilize an Integrated Management System (IMS)?


JJK Consulting Inc. provides a “Hands On” approach best Practice approach to support organizations seeking integrated ISO Certification.

From preparation and planning to the complete implementation our IMS experts will create the optimal Integrated system MANUAL.

The range of services offered by JJK includes: Consulting, Implementation Coaching, independent ISO and internal auditing, training on maintaining the system. We are proud of our nationwide delivery team and consider them to be the strength or our organization. Our record of implementation speed and efficiency is unmatched we will get you to the finish line.

Our headquarters in Fairfield NJ and field office in Scottsdale AZ can dispatch our resources on very short notice to any location with experts in nearly every state to minimize travel expense.


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