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ISO Auditing, ISO Training & ISO Consulting firm with 100% success rate for companies in New Jersey, NYC and the state of New York offers services to achieve compliance to ISO standards.

Fairfield, New Jersey: JJK Consulting, a well-established Consulting firm with focus on ISO Auditing, ISO Training and ISO Consulting on requirements of international ISO quality management standards e.g. ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, AS9100D:2016, ISO 13485:2016, etc. is expanding to meet the needs of many local companies for transitioning to the new ISO standard requirements. The fact, that 40% of companies are not able to complete the transition to these new ISO standards regarding their often by customers required implemented quality management systems, can lead to loss of business. This means that local companies who are not able to achieve ISO certification are in danger to lose also their best customers, as these certifications helps customers to evaluate their suppliers.

From our New Jersey based HQ, JJK Consulting comes in and helps these local companies with affordable on-sight expert consulting services with special “ISO CONSULTING PROGRAMS” to become compliant in time and cost effective ways.

Jim Kachidurian, the founder of JJK Consulting pointed out: ”The fact that the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), who oversees ISO Certification standards, has put another management planning “difficulty” layer on the latest version of ISO standards  puts even more pressure on New jersey and New York based local companies and organizations, who needs to transition to the new standards. There are literally not enough local experts available who can assist local companies with these matters on affordable rates without heavy travel expenses involved. When our local based certified ISO Consultants come in, our clients can rest assure, that we help them through the entire process in time and cost-effective ways without expensive nationwide travel involved”.

What can a New Jersey, NYC or NY based client (small to large company or organization) expect from a local on-sight ISO Transition Gap Assessment, Training  or ISO Consulting provided by JJK Consulting?

  • The ISO transition gap assessment, ISO training and ISO consulting will be conducted on-sight by a certified local ISO consultant with decades of hands-on ISO implementation experience.
  • The assessment considers every aspect to ensure a successful ISO implementation; besides regulatory and process aspects, also risk and local safety aspects are assessed.
  • Assessment report includes not only the identified strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities it also describes a recommended detailed implementation roadmap with activities, deliverables and responsibilities for cost and time 3rd party audit readiness without heavy travel cost involved.

Jim adds: “All our ISO Consultants live within a 50 miles NYC radius and are by themselves certified auditors to help our clients meet their ISO QMS transition goals for standard-based systems like quality (ISO 9001:2015), aerospace (AS9100D:2016), medical (ISO13485:2016 & FDA/QSR), cosmetics (ISO22716), environmental (ISO14001:2015), QMS/GMP and many other standards for many industries. This advantage eliminates the burden many companies have in regard to heavy travel cost involved with industry experts who are certified in ISO standards, but coming from out of state. We offer local companies three various stages of local ISO Consulting services: Assessment, Implementation and Coaching Inclusive Interim Audit Management. The Gap Assessment Analysis provides our clients with a clear picture of implementation timeline, costs and internal resource commitment on affordable rates.

The service offers also a free local consultation session in advance of the initial engagement within a 50 miles NYC radius. Companies really don’t need to risk their certificate anymore.

Call today and let our local experts walk you through the process. We offer local on-sight Gap Analysis to include not only a detailed report of findings but a Roadmap with Milestones and Timelines. After the Gap Analysis, you will have a clear picture of implementation costs and internal resource commitment without heavy travel cost involved. We can take on as much or as little as is required.  We are offering a free local  consultation session within the 50 miles NYC radius in advance of the initial engagement.

Jim’s commitment: “Our team of local consultants has combined the experience of over 200 years in the regulatory and compliance field. Let our local experts prepare you for a painless audit that will not only yield a certificate but add real value and significant travel cost reduction advantage”.

For a no-obligation proposal, please contact us.

To get a quote now call ph 973-402-5889.

About JJK Consulting: JJK Consulting is a New Jersey based professional ISO Consulting firm headquartered in Fairfield, New Jersey, providing local companies and organizations with or without a quality management system in place, a range of solutions to common ISO Certification/transition problems, assessing risks, costs and benefits of ISO Certifications and assisting clients sort out the best option for transitioning to the new ISO Standards while eliminating heavy travel expenses. The local available services includes on-sight ISO Transition Gap Assessment, ISO QMS Implementation and ISO Coaching Inclusive Interim Audit Management especially within the New Jersey/NYC/NY areas. Clients receive immediate actionable implementation strategies and achieve ISO Certification readiness within time and budget. The local available expert team of inhouse ISO Consultants has combined experience of over 200 years in the ISO, regulatory and compliance field, with many “zero findings” 3rd party audits conducted for local clients.


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April 12, 2018